Productivity – Key to Success

The things that you were not able to do but you still do that. That is productivity all about. Or I can say that when you explore your self and bring out something new, it would be a productivity. It is the way to success by your determined and massive action. Always ignore useless things and adapt whatever is useful and add something to it which is only yours. And try to think out of the box because creativity is the second name of productivity.

In a business organization a easiest way of looking at productivity is a ratio to measure that how well organization is doing and putting their inputs in the result of good output which benefits others as well. In this era of competition every business demands productivity to give its best in business world. It is not the responsibility of a an employee to think about productivity of work, it is work of a supervisor of a business to bring out productivity from workers. Margaret J. Wheatley well said that “Even though worker capacity and motivation are destroyed when leaders choose power over productivity, it appears that bosses would rather be in control than have the organization work well”.

You might think that productivity is inborn…no it is not true there are many ways to boost your productivity like set your targets for everyday in advance and determine at your decision it will help to work out of the box. Try to identify the limitations of your productivity and then schedule your most important work.then set a deadline for completion of your task. It will be stress but always remember that stress will bring out something very good from you. Because to improve your life it is necessary to be productive enough. It will makes your life more fulfilling and pleasant because you know that what is mission of your life and if you are giving then you are receiving more than giving. Though it is true that it is not easy to be that much productive but still the effort counts. So always motivate yourself, be optimistic and manage your energy to get best productivity. so if you will expect well and you want to be best then for sure your productivity will be best.