Key Cabinet for Your Storage Business

Having a secure key cabinet for your self storage company will not only improve the security of your operation, but it will make for a good business decision as well. How many times have you had a customer show up to their storage unit only to realize that they forgot or lost their key to the unit? It happens all the time, and a key cabinet can solve this problem.

If you provide a safe and secure key cabinet for your customers to use, you will not only improve your occupancy rate, but you’ll improve your margins as well. You can charge an extra two to five dollars a month to allow your customers to store a key in your key box. Upon showing up at the storage facility they simply provide identification and their unit number and receive their key. Providing this service gives you a leg up on the competition, and is one less thing for your customers to worry about.

And what about all of the keys that you inevitably have personally as an owner of such a business? A key box can help with that as well. By buying a 500 key cabinet rather than a smaller one, you have plenty of space for your keys to the enter the facility, maintenance rooms, your personal storage units and any other keys necessary to run your operation. With units becoming increasingly affordable, you can pay off the cost of purchase in just a year, and improve your customer benefits all at the same time.

If you are associated with any kind of storage business, I highly recommend looking into investing in a key cabinet or key box to improve the flexibility, security and bottom line of your business. The quality of your service and your customer retention could depend on it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a BIOS-Embedded Windows 8 Product Key

Windows 8 has become a very popular Operating System among Windows users. However, Microsoft has made things a little different for its users. Previously, the product key on a computer that had a pre-installed Operating System was printed on a sticker. For laptops, the sticker was placed on the bottom of the laptop near the battery compartment. On desktops, this sticker could be found on the side of the computer. However, Microsoft has decided to do things a bit differently by embedding the product key of the new Windows 8 Operating System in the BIOS of the computer. This move will affect the user in a number of ways as there are various advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the BIOS embedded product key

The first advantage that the user will get from this is that they do not need to look for the product key each time they need to reinstall Windows. In the past, when reinstalling the OS, the user had to look for the original key and input it before proceeding with the installation. This could sometimes be difficult for some users. The Certificate of Authentication sticker could wear out, and the digits would become difficult to read. In fact, the digits were sometimes too small to read. However, since the key is now embedded in the BIOS, the OS will recognize it immediately and proceed with installation without requesting for this activation information.

Users can now be sure that they are getting genuine Windows products. In the past, people would sell pirated OS and use a generic product key. However, after a while, the user would get a notification that their product is not genuine. This means that they would not get support or updates from Microsoft. However, if it is set in the BIOS, they will not need to get a generic product key from an untrustworthy source.

Microsoft itself will benefit a lot from this. In the past, people used to share product keys. This increased the opportunities of copyright infringement and piracy. However, if the activation details are embedded in the BIOS, they cannot be used by another computer. This will reduce the instances of piracy and sharing of activation details.

Disadvantages of setting product keys in the BIOS

The fact that the activation details cannot be used on any other computer could be disadvantageous for some users. For example, in case the PC or laptop dies or the motherboard stops functioning, the Operating System dies with it. This means that they cannot attempt to reinstall the system after they replace the motherboard. This is because the activation details were locked in the original BIOS.

Also, each key is tied to a PC. Therefore, if a PC dies, and the owner is forced to buy a new one, they will have to buy another OS as well. They will not be able to use the installation disc that they already have on this new computer.

This new route that Microsoft has taken has both advantages and disadvantages. However, unless one damages their computer or motherboard, they will be able to enjoy the use of the OS without any problems.

Affiliate Marketing Product: Keys to Finding the Best Products to Promote Online

If you are an affiliate marketer or interested in becoming one you probably realize that you aren’t going to make much money if the affiliate marketing product isn’t something you can promote profitably. Actually, there are 2 primary factors that need to be present for you to be a successful affiliate marketer-a product that people want and are willing to pay for and a productive landing page or site with great marketing copy that includes strong keyword optimization.

We can’t cover both factors here so we’ll focus on finding a great product to promote.

Ways to Identify a Great Affiliate Marketing Product

There are a ton of ways to find the best products to promote online but here are a few that are tried and true.

• People generally have the best success at promoting products on the internet that they have a passion for-things that they can get excited about. Passion for a product or service can be felt by potential customers when they read the marketing copy and can be a magnet for getting visitors to purchase a product or service. Therefore, the best products to sell online for you may be the things you enjoy and have the most interest in.

• The quickest way to identify lucrative affiliate marketing products to promote online is usually by signing up for one of the many affiliate marketing sites on the internet such as ClickBank,, or These sites will provide good feedback on products that are selling well and have high commission rates within your chosen niche. This is especially true for beginners because these sites also provide great knowledge and support features.

• If you have been looking at some of the internet marketing resources available online, you have probably identified some promoters who you believe are competent and compelling. If they convinced you of their credibility, they have probably convinced others as well. These people will usually only promote affiliate marketing products or services they find to be legitimate and potentially profitable. Follow these promoters when you are building your database of useful internet resources, signing up for their newsletters and special reports. If they are promoting a product or service in their materials, it might be a good option for you to consider also.

• Whenever possible, try out the product or service before you agree to promote it. There’s nothing worse for an online marketer than to promote something that turns out to be a dog (sorry canine lovers). Just one bad campaign can damage your credibility within a niche which can follow you for a long time. Many suppliers will provide promoters a glimpse of their affiliate marketing products or services they sell online or even provide outright access to reduce anxiety and increase enthusiasm. This is a good sign that the product or service is worth promoting and you should take advantage of these offers.

These are just a few things to consider when looking for the best products to promote online. Your ultimate success in creating a profitable online marketing business will rest on each affiliate marketing product you choose to promote.