Newest Internet Deception – Fake Product Keys

Most of us have seen examples of Internet deceptions, including get-rich quick schemes from Nigerian “bankers,” pyramid marketing schemes, Ponzi schemes and fake cashier’s checks for goods you are trying to sell. Now a new deception has appeared: selling fake Product Keys for popular software made by Microsoft, Norton and others.

Software is validated with a 25-character string of letters and numbers that authenticates programs and/or applications that you are installing on your personal computer. Major software developers provide these keys to persons who have made valid purchases of their products. The keys, once used, can never be used again. That prevents unscrupulous buyers from simply passing around software disks and authentication keys to friends and relatives.

Here is how the deception works. A web site will tell you that if you borrow a software disk from a friend, relative or associate at work you can install it on your home computer. All you need is a Product Key to validate the installation. The seller will offer to sell you a Product Key for as little as $9.99–no tax or shipping expense. If you look carefully, however, you will see that the seller operates out of China (“cn” in email address) and has an email address that includes zhoujianan777, junzhu, *XuFengGuo* or **guoxufeng**. The most prolific seller of invalid Product Keys uses xu, feng and guo in various combinations to establish new email addresses to receive money through PayPal. PayPal is aware of Product Key problems but so far has been unable to shut down their operation or institute chargebacks.

Here are steps you can take to avoid buying a fake Product Key:

1. Deal only with established software companies in the USA. Stay clear of sellers operating in China, Nigeria, Russia and other East European countries.

2. The software company must have a legitimate address and phone number in the USA.

3. If buying software or Product Keys, check with the manufacturer to make sure that the seller is a legitimate retailer for their products. Microsoft will provide this information via phone 24/7/365.

4. Finally, remember that if a deal seems too good to be true it probably is a fake. Windows 7 Home Premium, for example, can be purchased legitimately at Wal-Mart for $99.99. There is no way that someone can sell a Product Key for Windows 7 for as little as $9.99.

Beware of the following web sites, created by ZenCart:

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

A Guide to Omega3 Products – Key Factors to Look For in a Quality Product

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have probably heard of the importance of getting omega3 into your diet. However, that is easier said than done as some of the sources of omega3 such as getting more oily fish in your diet are probably not as easy as you thought (for instance, tinned tuna loses its oil, you have to have fresh tuna to reap the benefits of it) and also not all supplements are giving you the quality in the product so that you actually benefit. And that is why we are going to give you a guide to omega3 product

The benefits of taking fish oil are huge as they can assist your body in so many factors, and the reason is quite simply because it helps to reduce inflammation and by reducing inflammation within the body you can help to reduce the effects of arthritis and may also assist in reducing the likelihood of succumbing to conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and brain disorders – now of course this is not a cure but it certainly can help, however fish such as Salmon can be expensive to purchase so really you are going to need supplements to help you get a sufficient amount of Omega3, but hopefully using the following quick guide will help you source the best product for you.  

# Check out the type of fish being used – you see not all fish are high in omega 3 for instance some people think taking cod liver oil is the same, but it is not so make sure the supplement you are choosing uses oily fish. 

# Is the fish caught locally to where it is processed? This is super important because fish oil oxidizes quickly and unfortunately taking fish oil that has oxidized is actually bad for your health.

# Does the product advise you of the actual omega3 per serving? Seems pretty straight forward enough but you would be surprised how little facts like these get lost on the labels.

# Is the oil molecularly distilled? If it is not then unfortunately the product may have contaminates in them which ultimately contaminate you once you have swallowed it. 

So in a nutshell what you are looking for is an omega3 product where the fish is sourced locally to where the product is going to be produced and is a fish that actually has omega3 in it and has been molecularly distilled. Not much to ask is it? And unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you should be looking for.  You see there are other factors that are crucial in making the right choice about buying an omega3 product and I cover these at my website so that people know how and where to get the best possible product that ticks all the boxes, so make sure you visit the site before buying anything.